Will Pearson was a professor of chemistry at the University of Michigan from 1984 to 2003, where he ran a program in synthetic organic chemistry, specializing in heterocyclic chemistry and the construction of alkaloids and other medicinally significant molecules.  His trainees typically gained positions in the pharmaceutical industry, where they are involved in drug discovery and chemical development programs.  He taught at all levels in the areas of organic chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, and physical organic chemistry.

Post-academia, Will was the executive responsible for research and development activities at a company specializing in nucleic acids, oligonucleotide reagents, fluorescent probes, and heterocyclic compounds.

He is now the principle at Pearson Chemistry Solutions, which offers the two-day industrial short course “Heterocyclic Chemistry: A Drug-Oriented Approach.” 

He is also a coach for scientists who have taken on leadership positions in companies. Visit Will Pearson Coaching here.

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will at pearsonchemsolutions dot com

You can also find him on Twitter (heterocyclist56), FaceBook (The Heterocyclist), and LinkedIn.

Will Pearson

Raleigh, NC

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